COVID-19 Response Plan


(Updated May 29, 2020)


SUNDAY 8:30 AM (1815 Cornwall Ave)

Dear Grace Family,

We miss each other! While Whatcom County remains in “phase I” by order of our state governor, we were given specific ability this week to begin actual physical gatherings. As of this Sunday, we are permitted to have outdoor services of up to 100 people, with care taken to prevent spread of COVID-19.

So… even though outdoors means our parking lot; even though it might rain; even though we won’t shake hands… we are excited to have a physical service this Sunday at 8:30 AM!


We will have our NORMAL LIVESTREAM at 10:00 AM, please feel free to attend remotely if that is your preference.


Please click below for important instructions and an FAQ about how to be a part of service this week.



(Updated May 12, 2020)

No new news -- all physical services and gatherings are still suspended as we do our best to follow guidelines being given by our state and local authorities. Our leadership continues to meet regularly to pray and evaluate. We miss being together! Looking forward to when we can meet again.

You are invited to jump into our remote meetings. Those links (streaming service on Sunday, a variety of other Zoom-based meetings) are all collected on one page here. Sunday services are now on YouTube and Facebook as well as the website, and you can find links to each on the "online gatherings" page.

We are praying for each other and wanting to support each other in this time. Don't be afraid to reach out to an elder or the church office. Trusting in a wondrous Savior in the midst of everything!

(Updated March 31, 2020)

All physical services and gatherings are still suspended as we do our best to follow guidelines to help control this pandemic. Though we miss each other, we know God has each and every one of us! 

We'll have a livestream service at 10 AM this week (find it here).

We're trying a Zoom-based evening service on Thursday evenings (find it here).

If you have prayer requests or needs, or just want to check in, please drop us a line! We continue to weather this storm together.

In Christ,
Darian, Nathan, Caleb, Steve, Alan, Dax & Jason -- the elder team @ Grace

(Updated March 24, 2020)

We hope and pray that you are staying healthy and safe in these uncertain times. Grateful that we have a Savior who really is in control and loves us more than we can imagine. 

With our whole community, we continue to do all we can to follow the guidelines of our state and federal government. That means only doing essential tasks, and distancing an much as possible. Practically, that means we will continue to avoid all physical group meetings, including Sunday mornings, for the next week. We envision needing to extend this to our April 5 service too, but will update here as we closely monitor what's going on in our wider community.

We miss meeting together! Hope you have been able to join us on the web or Facebook for our livestream service. We've done our best to expand it to include some worship in song together, and communion, to go beyond a teaching alone and into trying to "do community" even though we are physically separated.

We're also working on ways to continue to preserve connection in our church family even while we are apart. We're testing the possiblity of a remote group meeting on Wednesday evenings (stay tuned), and encouraging people to reach out to each other over the different electronic means that we have available. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram -- we've got different groups there that you can post in or be a part of. If you have prayer needs or ways we can help practically, please don't hesitate to contact the church office (give us a ring, or you can email or even use the contact form here on the website). And now's the time to be bold -- drop a line to someone else in the body and encourage them today!

So.... livestream at 10 AM this Sunday. Know that you're being prayed for. And we continue to proclaim, in the midst of fear and uncertainty and failure, that we are forgiven, because of the incredible sacrifice of Christ for us. 

Blessings all. Fantastic to live in the light that we are redeemed forever, no matter what may come.

In Christ,
Darian, Nathan, Caleb, Steve, Alan, Dax & Jason -- the elder team @ Grace

(Updated March 18, 2020)

At Grace, we feel deeply about the gathering of the saints; corporate worship is essential to our lives of faith, and we long to hear of the gospel and receive communion on Sundays.


At the same time, we are very concerned for the health and safety of not only our body but our whole community, and the need to do all we can to suppress the spread of COVID-19.


On Monday, March 16, our governor issued a ban on meetings over 50 people. We are being urged to stay isolated as much as possible, and to avoid even meetings as large at 10 people if possible.


In light of these directions, all in-person meetings at the church are cancelled this week. In-person meetings cancelled include Sunday morning service, small groups, men’s morning, women’s bible study, Momspot, and all youth gatherings. We will closely monitor all guidance from our health department and take things a week at a time, updating here each week.


Even though we aren’t meeting in person on Sunday, we will still have our worship service at 10:00 AM via livestream. Join us by heading over to the website ( or Facebook ( Remember to get some juice & crackers – we’ll take communion at the same time, even though separated by distance.


We’re doing our best to continue to be a community while we’re experiencing “social distancing.” You’ll see us put out more electronic resources and information in this time, and we hope you’ll jump into engagement with our church family!


Please think about staying connected by:


Using Social Media: Even if you’re not a Facebook fan, use this season to check out our Facebook page, where you’ll find livestreams and other videos we’ve put up. Our church’s page link is above. Stop by our website, too. We’ll be putting up other ideas for connection technologically, using things like zoom and whatsapp.


Praying: If you’re not on our church prayer list, now’s the time! Let us know at the office ( and we’ll get you signed up to get the requests. If you have a prayer request email us (


Giving electronically: As we aren’t meeting, we’d encourage you to continue participating in ministry at Grace through your regular giving. You can do so electronically by going to


Blessing someone: Though we can’t meet in small groups, stopping by and leaving a dessert (hmm… or a roll of toilet paper?), or spontaneously calling someone to encourage is an amazing way to bless in this season where there is so much isolation.


Getting help: Our pastoral staff and many others are willing to help out however we can. We won’t meet as groups, but individuals can be involved and jump in when needed. If you need help, please let us know!


So grateful to be a church family because of what has been done for us by God himself! And so thankful to have hope and joy because of the fantastic good news that hasn’t changed even one little bit amidst the trials that we face.


Enjoying this day, and looking forward to heaven! See you (well, kind of) on Sunday 😊.


In Him,

Dax Swanson



(Updated March 13, 2020)

We live in interesting times! By now news of the COVID-19 virus has undoubtedly reached you. There are lots of news reports, and our national, state, and local government are all making recommendations. Many local churches have put out statements. We don’t want to overload you, but also want to make sure you know what’s going on at Grace.


Current Recommendations from Government:

On March 13, 2020, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee extended a restriction on social gatherings of 250 people or more to include the entire state. All K-12 schools have closed for the next 6 weeks starting March 16. In addition, the Whatcom County Health Department recommends cancellation or postponement of non-essential large public gatherings of 10-50 people or more. 


They also have many recommendations for individuals to maximize prevention, including particular urging for those over 60 or with health conditions to avoid larger groups.


Our current plan:


1.      We will have our Worship Service at our normal time this Sunday. We will have far fewer than 250 people, and consider this 1-hour meeting an essential part of our Christian faith and community. Proclamation, communion, and fellowship at this brief time builds our hope together. We do not consider other meetings to be essential, and so you will see cancellation of many of our smaller groups, but our Sunday service will be held per current health department regulations. That means #2 & 3 below are really important:


2.      We will have enhanced safety protocols, including:

  • - Opening the church door for you (hey, we should be anyway);
  • - Avoiding handshakes (time to learn the elbow bump greeting);
  • - Having hand sanitizer readily available (look for the pump bottle);
  • - Adjusting the way we distribute the elements for communion;
  • - Following careful cleaning protocols of church areas after service;


We also urge personal precautions (hand washing, bringing own coffee, avoid touching your face, cover your mouth with a tissue when coughing, and actually using the hand sanitizer available throughout the church).


3.      We urge you to stay at home if:

  • - You are sick, or
  • - You are at risk (60+, underlying health conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, pregnancy), or
  • - You have any cautions or checks about attending


    If you do stay home, you can follow the church service on our usual livestream (follow the link on the home page or find it at We will expand that broadcast to include more of the service as possible.


    Please pray that the Lord will be at work in our body and our community in the midst of even this! We are so thankful that we get to stand against fear because of the wondrous love and care of our Lord.