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Look... And Don't Forget

May 7, 2017 by: Pastor Dax| Series: James | Category: Sermon

Date: May 7, 2017
Message: Look and Don’t Forget
Text: James 1:2-18

Your understanding of you shapes how you live. Don’t forget who you are.

I. How are we saved? (vv. 19-21)
Receiving the implanted word

II. How might we be deceived in what we do? (vv. 22-24)
Forgetting what the law reveals

III. How can we be blessed in what we do? (vv.25-27)
Persevering in holding to the gospel

Don’t live life to gain favor; live life because you already have favor in Christ.


• Why is it important that salvation is received, that the word is implanted?
• What does the law of liberty reveal about you? Why is that freeing?
• What does it look like to forget what the law reveals? Where do we drift to?
• What exactly is ‘pure religion’? How is this related to the gospel?