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Life in Conflict, I

Jun 4, 2017 by: Pastor Dax| Series: James | Category: Sermon

Date: June 4, 2017

Title: Life in Conflict, I

Text: James 3:13-18


Conflict in your life is between two kinds of wisdom. Choose heavenly.


  1. Beautiful Wisdom (v. 13)

     Living skillfully is beautiful

 Earthly Wisdom (vv. 14-16)

      Living life well… for yourself


III.   Heavenly Wisdom (vv. 17-18)

        Christ our wisdom

“He is not righteous who works much, but he who, without work, believes much in Christ.”                                               (Martin Luther, Heidelberg Disputation, Thesis 25)



  • What does it mean to be wise and not foolish?
  • What is earthly wisdom and what does it look like practically?
  • If Jesus is heavenly wisdom, what does it mean to be wise?
  • What’s the difference between a theology of glory and one of the cross?