What is Meals Ministry?


“Food is such a great way to build community.  We all have to eat, regardless of the circumstances. When you’ve just come home from the hospital, been up all night with a newborn baby, or had something major happen in your life, what’s for dinner is the last thing you think about. To be able to meet that need, and show you care about someone is such a sweet thing." So says Sarah Eschbach of Grace’s Meals Ministry. Sarah has just taken leadership responsibilities from Lisa Stevens, who had faithfully guided this ministry area since the early days of the church’s founding (thank you, Lisa!).


The purpose of the ministry is to provide up to five meals to members in the body who have recently had a baby, been in the hospital, had a major life change, or who could just use the support, while also providing an avenue to, “…reach out to everyone at Grace and give them the opportunity to provide a meal,” says Sarah.


Whenever a need arises, Meals Ministry will reach out to the individual or family in need and work out a schedule of providing meals. Once the schedule is planned, volunteers are called to make the preparations for their designated times.


Meals Ministry isn’t necessarily designed for those that have excellent cooking skills, just those willing to provide meals and be a light to those in need. According to Sarah, “You absolutely do not have to be a gourmet cook. Delivering a five course meal, a Papa Murphy’s pizza, breakfast for dinner or frozen lasagna is great! I guarantee it will be received as a blessing, no matter what.” 


If you know of a need (or have one yourself), or if you are willing to be a part of this simple way to touch a fellow church family, contact Sarah or any of the staff at Grace. Contact: Sarah Eschbach (


Sarah Eschbach