• Christmas is here! And with it comes all the trappings of our season. One of the most interesting cultural phenomenons to me is how we think about Santa, and how that often reflects our view of God.

  • Every birth of a baby is miraculous. To see new life enter the world, eyes opening and first breaths taken, there is something magical and wondrous in it.


    How much more the arrival of Jesus. I’m not thinking of the virgin birth, or the announcement to the shepherds, or the manger scene. Those are all marvelous in their own way. I’m thinking of more. I’m thinking of who Jesus is.


    Christmas isn’t about a particular day, or the general wonder of new life born. We worship in awe because this particular child was born. The Bible is a cacophony of sound about this child. In fact, in a very real way, the Word is this child.

  • We are overwhelmed with blessings. Personally, I am grateful for my wife, my kids, my health. I’m surrounded by beauty. I love rain, and we get lots of it. I rarely eat the same food two meals in a row. I attend a church where the gospel is the main thing. I drive a car, have a cellphone, get to study the Bible. This isn’t at all exhaustive… I could go on and on.