On Romans 8:38-39

Romans 8 crescendos with all the majesty and force of a wave crashing on an immovable rock. That rock is the love of God for us in Jesus.

This is the final ground of our trust. This is what we are assured of by the Spirit. This is the object of our faith. Not that we will do great things for God, or that we will experience freedom from disease or hunger or failure; but that nothing separates us from his unstoppable love.

It is even stronger than the idea that nothing presently separates: the surety, the conviction that we have, is that nothing will be able to. There are things that may try. Big things. Like death. Like incredible powers we can’t even really comprehend. Like evils done to us or tragic missteps done by us.

We are certain nothing will separate us because Jesus has proclaimed it is finished. Because Jesus died and rose and is with God. Because his love makes us conquerors, not our love, our effort, us at all. It is all him. And he never fails.

So I am sure that nothing in death, or in life, or in powers now or in the future, no tremendous falls or some other unimaginable object – nothing will ever keep me from the love of God in Christ. Game, set, match: his love wins. The wave crashes, but the rock remains.