Pointing to Jesus

It is so easy to critique and shake heads over the decreasing Bible literacy among our churches and people. There really are fewer people who want to spend hour upon hour reading and studying and walking through texts and languages to understand the Bible. There really is a trend, I think, toward shorter, smaller messages, and technology-driven soundbites. 


At the same time, there has also been a resurgance of what the message really is. Perhaps the simplification and boiling down to essentials has a place, as it forces us to frame the message of the Bible in a way that all the studying sometimes missed: the emphasis of Jesus Christ.


As an example, here's a video on the Children's curriculum we use. This clip illustrates why we use it -- it moves away from the deadly 'be' approach to Old Testament saints and asks simple questions on how do these stories help our faith. We modify it, but what a heartworming, wonderful step when we get the right foundation, and can study and learn from a position of putting the gospel front and center in all we do. Enjoy!