Pray continually and without ceasing. Pray earnestly for all the saints.  A response to the gospel is to seek the face of our Savior and Lord.  It is not a manadate but a response when we are weary, joyful, frightened, content.  As fellow broken believers we have a few formal ways to pray with and for other believers but it is not a box to put prayer into but a way to contect with others and respond.


Every Thursday morning starting at 10: 00 am, women come together to pray over the nations, and people groups of the world. They pray for salvation of the people, for their safety, for God's will to be done. Join them as they petition our God.


Questions: Pam Artman


First and third Wednesday morning we gather to prayer through a psalm and  for our church body. 


Contact: Dax Swanson


Lifting others up in prayer is an intergral part of life. Pam Artman organizes prayer resquests to forward to other believers to lift up those who are requesting extra prayer for an immediate need in their lives.  Would you like to join us in prayer for others or be prayers for? Email Pam to join our prayer chain,