Interested in further reading? These are recommended because they have impacted us, and they are relentlessly pushing us toward understanding and applying the gospel of Jesus Christ. We’ll update it from time to time. There are lots, lots more – as a wise person once said, ‘of the making of books there is no end.’ As always, we’d love to hear from you if you’re looking for a specific resource or topic. Enjoy!



Vincent, Milton. A Gospel Primer for Christians.
Simple, poetic, impacting.


Horton, Michael. The Gospel-Driven Life.
The central chapters of the book are a must-read for the American Christian.


Lynch, John. The Cure.
In the style of John Bunyan’s classic allegory, this short book forces you to look at the truth of Jesus. You might have to do some filtering… but rejoice in what Jesus has done!


Keller, Tim. Galatians for You.
Lay-level commentary on Galatians with application questions… read it and rejoice in the gospel!


Duguid, Iain. Is Jesus In The Old Testament?
The fact that it is almost too short makes it a fantastic read… answering a critical question and more.


Klumpenhower, Jack. Show Them Jesus.
This is a Sunday School teacher’s book for other Sunday School Teachers. But we all should read it!

Christian Living


Bridges, Jerry. Who Am I?
Anything by Bridges is good… this very short book is a must-read look at our identity in Christ.


Fitzpatrick, Elyse M. & Johnson, Dennis E. Counsel from the Cross.
Connecting life to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Glenn, R W. Crucifying Morality.
Get the context of Jesus’ teaching on the Beatitudes.


Hordern, William. Living by Grace.
Excellent book on practical living in light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Zahl, Paul. Grace in Practice.
Sometimes overwhelming in cultural references, but unabashedly practical in application of true grace.




Reeves, Michael. Delighting in the Trinity.
Who thought that the Trinity could inform Christian living? It emphatically does, read this book!


Peterson, David. Possessed by God.
Interested in how the Bible presents sanctification? Try Peterson’s excellent treatment.


Smeaton, George. The Apostles’ Doctrine of the Atonement.
Read this Puritan classic and be encouraged by the incredible depth of what Christ has done.


Ferguson, Sinclair. The Whole Christ.
If you’ve never been exposed to the Marrow Controversy, this is a wonderful theological read on our assurance being in Christ.






Harvey, David. When Sinners Say ‘I Do’.
Helpful to look with gospel eyes at our failures… and our reasons for choosing self-sacrifice.


Smith, Winston. Marriage Matters.
Excellent book by one of the counselors from CCEF.


Tripp, Paul David. What Did You Expect?
Excellent book about expectations and differences in marriage.


Keller, Tim, with Kathy. The Meaning of Marriage.
Seasoned, practical approach from a wonderful pastor.



Tripp, Paul David. Parenting.
If you only read one, read this one. It's that good. It gives a wonderful grounding in gospel, grace, identity, and helps you see how God shapes you and your kids through trusting Christ.


Crandall, Kimm. Christ in the Chaos.
Compilation of blog posts by a mom… encouraging, Christ-centered thinking.


Fitzpatrick, Elyse and J. Thompson. Give Them Grace.
A Mother and daughter discuss raising kids from a gospel-centric perspective. Wonderful insight into focusing on heart and motive in kids of all ages.


Kimmel, Tim. Grace-Based Parenting.
Another excellent book on raising children in light of the gospel. Focus is on teens.


Tripp, Paul David. Age of Opportunity.
Excellent resource for parents of teens.


Tripp, Ted. Shepherding a Child’s Heart.
One of best books for parenting counsel focusing on younger children.